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RENSON louvres are durable and resistant to weather conditions thanks to the high-quality aluminium material and careful surface treatment. Aluminum is not only durable but also lightweight and recyclable. Choose the type that suits your needs in a custom size and colour! We’ll manufacture it for you as soon as possible! READ MORE

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RENSON Wall Louvres 411 use outdoor air to ventilate your home and keep the indoor climate healthy. Custom dimensions & colours! Place an order and we will manufacture the louvres in RENSON quality!

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The high-quality aluminium material and easy installation are the main advantages of the RENSON ventilation grill type 411. Ventilation louvres help to keep your home healthy by allowing fresh outdoor air to enter. Ventilation louvres guarantee proper air circulation indoors. Grills also have high water protection properties. And the built-in insect net keeps unwanted guests[TOVÁBB]


The RENSON louvres provide effective ventilation and guarantee high water protection. The integrated insect net keeps unwanted guests away.


Installation of the ventilation grilles is quick and easy. It is fixed with practical clips that can be easily snapped into place. If it is necessary to install a ventilation grille on a surface larger than 3 m2, then we must also install strengthening support.

Built-in louvres are characterised by the overall width and height dimensions of the section to be built in. The dimensions of the opening in which these louvres are installed must always be 10 mm larger than the louvre dimensions.

The ventilation grills are available with extra water protection. The special water channels ensure even better rain-repellent features and improve the water protection of the lamellas.This option should always be combined with a 2.3 x 2.3 mm insect net.

High quality aluminium

By nature, aluminium generates a natural oxide coating and it is very corrosion resistant. And aluminium is resistant to UV radiation from sunlight and can easily resist to temperature changes. Various types of surface treatments improve its corrosion resistance even further.


A layer thickness of 20 microns is applied as standard. For applications in an aggressive atmosphere, a layer thickness of25 microns is recommended. Anodisation is usually done using a natural shade of grey (F1), but can also be done in a limited numberof other colours (Euras). Colour differences are possible with anodisation, both within the same surface and between different pieces.These differences mainly occur with colour anodisation.


The choice of a very wide colour palette and the minimal risk of colour differences are two important reasons for choosing powder-coatings. Powder-coating is standard with a layer thickness of 40 microns. Depending on the environment, different pre-treatments can be applied:

• Standard pre-treatmentCorrect pre-treatment of the aluminium is essential for optimum quality. This pre-treatment is carried out in accordance with the applicable directives and consists of a sequence of staining, degreasing, rinsing, and the application of a conversion layer.

• Pre-treatment conform Seaside Quality AWe recommend a pre-treatment in accordance with Seaside Quality A for applications in aggressive environments (e.g. coastal regions, in industrial atmospheres, etc.). This halves the risk of filiform corrosion under the paint in comparison with standard coated profiles.

• Pre-treatment before anodizing

For applications in highly aggressive environments (e.g. coastal regions, on the coastline, in industrial atmospheres, etc.), we recommend pre-treatment before anodizing. This halves the risk of filiform corrosion under the paint in comparison with standard coated profiles.

In what colours are grilles available?

Powder coating of ventilation grilles can be ordered in basic RAL colours.The available RAL colours for the products are listed here. Click in the image!